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Where it's all about me... and the studio
(actually, it's all about you, the client, but here is my Pilates Story and my ethos anyway) 
Pilates_Guro_On the bench

I arrived in the UK from Norway to study back in 1996 - and ended up staying slightly longer than the four years I promised my mum I'd be gone for ( I hope she has forgiven me by now...).


After my studies, I worked for 12 years at the BBC in London as a Production Manager in TV and radio. Ever since playing handball as a teen, I have had back, neck and shoulder issues, and working hunched over a desk in a stressful environment certainly didn't help. In 2005 I was recommenced Pilates by my osteopath, and I haven't looked back since. Having experienced the power of Pilates, and how it had made such a change to my own health, particularly throughout the pregnancy and recovery of the birth of my first child in 2009, I became so inspired that I decided to leave my job at the BBC to become a teacher myself.

I am dedicated to helping people move and understand their bodies better, so that what you learn in class will be with you for life - but I am also passionate about making my classes a safe, friendly and welcoming place to be. As there are no more than five people in each class, I am able to adjust exercises to suit the individual client if and when needed, so that you will always feel like you have worked at the end of the class.

My studio is a little wooden house at the bottom of my garden. The intimacy of the class-sizes has allowed my studio to become a space for my clients to make friends and have fun; they leave the class feeling rejuvenated, more subtle, stronger and taller, and, more often than not, with a big smile on their faces. Will you join them?

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