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I offer a variety of group classes, tailored to the needs and ability level of the group. If you have any questions about the suitability of a group class, please contact me to discuss your needs.


Ideal for anyone new to Pilates. The classes will take you through the origins and principles of Pilates, and give you the foundations from where you can move into a mixed ability group.


A new beginners’ course will start twice a year. If you are unable to join the beginners’ course, or would like to join an already established class, Pilates Guro will need to see you for a 1:1 first at the cost of £25 for an hour.  


A more advance class for those who have practised Pilates for a while, the exercises requiring more coordination, speed, flow and strength than other classes. 

Back care

A gentler class with more focus on exercises that can ease back pain and help to strengthen and mobilise the back. 

Mixed ability

These classes are perfect for both beginners and intermediate clients. Individual needs are always taken into consideration, and alternative exercises at different levels are given.  



A class for new mums where you are welcome to bring your baby. The focus is on the pelvic floor, abdominals and functional movement that will help you in day to day life with your baby.


I try to look after babies when I can, to allow the mums to move as much as possible. Often, we finish the class with a cuppa, cake and a chat. 


These are in a 1:1 setting only, using the reformer, an apparatus that can both challenge and aid your workout. 


Working in a closed chain environment, with resistance in the form of springs, the reformer offers both teacher and client greater feedback on alignment. Reformer focuses the movement to help gain a deeper understanding of the movement and your own body. 

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