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Pilates in the time of Corona

Dear all,

What strange times we are living in. The world is seeing an unprecedented situation, with many countries in almost complete lock-down. Here in the UK, we are only allowed to leave the house for essential shopping, collect medicine, to care for a relative or to exercise - and then only once a day, only with people from your own household or ideally on your own. For someone whose business is very much based on face to face interaction with my clients, these are testing times indeed. My learning curve the last two weeks has never been steeper. I have had to swap my small and intimate classes, to virtual Zoom classes; my timetable has had to change to accommodate for home schooling of two young children, whilst allowing their dad to carry on working, as well accommodate my clients, many of whom are in the same situation as me. I've had to get to grips with technology, with talking to an empty room, with giving verbal cues on the basis of seeing a client from one angle only and not being able to tactile cue. I have also had to endure watching myself teach a class, and swallow all pride, insecurities, vanity and embarrassment, while I try to get some shorter videos up on my website for my clients to access. I am not going to lie, the last week has been challenging, but I hope this second week will bring with it some more stability and ease, as we settle into a new routine. Mostly though, as hard and challenging these times are, I am grateful for what we might be able to take away from this period - a calmness, a realisation that we can all slow down, spend more time to be with those close to us we care the most about and appreciate the re-set we could all benefit from. Stay calm, stay connected and stay well, and I look forward to seeing you on zoom soon. Guro xx

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