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Plans and Pricing
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I run classes from my Garden Studio in Hitchin, and you can also find me at MyCore Pilates in Hitchin and at The Pilates Space in Letchworth; please see my timetable for more information. The classes I run at other studios will need to be booked directly with them, please contact me for more information.

For the classes in my own studio, I offer a variety of monthly payment packages, depending on what might suit you, your availability and your goals best. The monthly costs are based on 40 weeks of classes per year (termtime only), and then divided equally over 12 months. 

The plans can be purchased by the links below, or by setting up a Standing Order directly - please do get in touch if this is your preferred option. 

  • Zoom Basic

    Every month
    One Zoom class per week
    • One Zoom class per week
    • Term-time only
    • 60 min class
    • Access to the video library
    • Suitable for all
  • Zoom +

    Every month
    Unlimited Zoom classes per week
    • Unlimited Zoom classes
    • Term-time only
    • 60 min class
    • Access to the video library
    • Suitable for all
  • Private sessions

    An hour on the reformer or the mat
    • Single lesson
    • Great for rehab and sports injuries
    • Tailored to your goals and needs
  • Studio Mat

    Every month
    One Studio mat based class per week
    • One face-to-face mat class in the studio per week
    • Small group sizes
    • Term-time only
    • Access to the video library
  • Best Value


    Every month
    One face-to-face class and unlimited Zoom per week
    • One face-to-face mat class in studio per week
    • Small group sizes
    • Term-time only
    • Access to the video library
    • Unlimited Zoom
  • 10 Private sessions

    A course of 10 private sessions
    • An hour of one to one attention.
    • Great for rehab and sports injuries
    • Tailored to your needs
    • Reformer or Mat
  • Online Library only

    Every month
    Access Video Library without attending classes
    • access to the full online library
    • updated and added to on a regular basis


Before taking part in any Pilates class, an enrolment and medical form must be completed, either online or a paper copy. Medical approval must also be given by a doctor. Currently, if you are coming to my studio in person, you also need to fill in a Covid-19 form. 




Group classes are charged on a monthly basis. You are charged for 40 weeks of the year, split equally across 12 months. If you need to miss a class, you are welcome to catch up in a different class the same or a different week, depending on availability. At the moment you are also able to catch a Zoom class instead of the studio one. 

My studio classes run term-time only, and my payment plans run on a monthly basis. The plans take 40 weeks of classes into account, splitting it over the 12 months of the year. I will run a reduced Zoom timetable for three weeks over the summer holiday, and a class or two over the Christmas and Easter breaks too, which will be open for all clients to attend. 



Group Classes


Permanent cancellation of your participation in Group classes needs to be given four weeks in advance. 


If you are unable to attend a class, please give as much notice as possible.

Private Sessions 

Cancellations of private sessions later than 24 hours prior, or missed sessions, will need to be paid for in full. 


Pilates Guro reserve the right to cancel classes, and will endeavour to give as much notice as possible should this happen. If a class is cancelled, clients will be issued with a class credit.


If you become sick long term or need an operation, at our discretion your membership may be frozen for an agreed period of time under these circumstances. We cannot guarantee space in your regular class when you return.

Class credits are non-refundable. 




The client acknowledges that the participation in classes or workshops involves risks and accepts all and any participation risks.

The client is aware that it is advisable to consult a physician prior to participating in or using our services.


The client agrees to declare all injuries, illnesses, pregnancy and medication being taken whilst filling out the registration form. 


Pilates Guro cannot be held responsible for any personal injury or illnesses that happen on the premises or as a result of our services provided.

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