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Surgery recovery and rehabilitation

Using targeted exercises, I can help you build up strength and mobility both before and after surgery. 


For all injuries, I would ideally see you for a few sessions before surgery, then again post-operatively, where we would work with building your strength around the joint and increase mobility in a safe and controlled way. I would use the reformer in my studio, to allow you precision of movement and add resistance, and give you mat based exercises for you to do at home.

My specialism is hip surgery and replacement recovery, and for this I would recommend 5-6 sessions before the operation, to learn the movement and build muscle strength before surgery. After surgery and your recovery time, we will gently start mobilising the joint and strengthening the muscles around the joint again. Depending on how recovery proceeds, after the initial private tuitions, you can either choose to carry on with private sessions on the reformer, or we could look at getting you into a group mat class where we would continue the work, but in a group setting. 

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