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Step Inside... 

... my small, but welcoming and cosy garden studio and forget the world outside for an hour or so. Be met by a friendly face, a smile and someone who knows not just your name, but your body and your story too. 


I am passionate about Pilates and movement, but equally important to me is to create a safe space where everyone can feel welcome, regardless of abilities, bodies and age. I believe everyone can benefit from Pilates - whether it is a specific injury you want to focus on, a whole body workout or simply looking for a mind-body connection, an hour in my studio will give you the chance to spend some time with yourself, your breath and your body - with some laughter thrown in too! 

See you in class!


Covid-19 update 

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Unfortunately but understandably,

we're back on zoom for the foreseeable future...


To join me in my virtual studio, please see my Zoom timetable.


The beauty of Zoom is that you can join in from wherever you are in the world, I would just need to have a chat to your first, so please do get in touch if you're interested in trying a class.


"Guro was recommended to me by three friends and her classes have certainly lived up to promise! I look forward to the wonderful during-and-after class feeling and hate it if I have to skip a class!"

—  Sue Smith


I always love to hear from people curious about Pilates, so please do 

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5 Whitehurst Avenue, Hitchin, SG5 1SR

info@pilatesguro.com \\ Tel: +44 (0) 7985 950 402


Thanks for getting in touch!