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Step Inside... 

... my small, but welcoming and cosy garden studio and forget the world outside for an hour or so. Be met by a friendly face, a smile and someone who knows not just your name, but your body and your story too. 


I am passionate about Pilates and movement, but equally important to me is to create a safe space where everyone can feel welcome, regardless of abilities, bodies and age. I believe everyone can benefit from Pilates - whether it is a specific injury you want to focus on, a whole body workout or simply looking for a mind-body connection, an hour in my studio will give you the chance to spend some time with yourself, your breath and your body - with some laughter thrown in too! 

See you in class!



"Guro was recommended to me by three friends and her classes have certainly lived up to promise! I look forward to the wonderful during-and-after class feeling and hate it if I have to skip a class!"

—  Sue Smith


I always love to hear from people curious about Pilates, so please do 

Get In Touch 

5 Whitehurst Avenue, Hitchin, SG5 1SR \\ Tel: +44 (0) 7985 950 402


Thanks for getting in touch!

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